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Your meal is our care!

“Trapeza” is the result of innovative production technologies and care for your health. We appreciate the culinary traditions of each family, so we created premium products for you, which is reflected not only in its taste but also in convenience and aesthetics. The assortment of the company “Trapeza” consists of rice, beans, cereals and flakes. It is the best choice in the segment of healthy food products.

Rice and cereals

The variety of choice of cereals from trademark “Trapeza” allows you to make your diet tasty, useful and varied as possible. Cereal cultures contain a huge complex of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids necessary for man. They are in the first place among the products of dietary ration, because they help to control weight, reduce cholesterol and also contain high levels of fiber. They will appeal to people who appreciate the taste and versatility of food.

Also, we would like present to your attention a wide selection of premium-class rice from Japan, China and Italy for the most demanding culinary specialists. Feel like a chef in your home kitchen and teleport your favorite meat, fish, Italian and Japanese dishes to other countries in the world!


Portion series

The assortment of rice and cereals that you love is also available in convenient portion packs. This is an excellent solution for busy people and athletes, who strictly follow the number of calories. Forget about rinsing and picking the groats! Simply lower the packet into boiling water, salt to taste and cook over low heat until be ready. Then pull out the bag by the loop, open and pour the contents onto the plate. Serve the croup to taste.



They are considered a unique product, especially for vegetarians. Beans are delicious, nutritious and extremely useful: lots of cellulose, vitamins (A and B), iron, calcium, carbohydrates and almost a quarter of protein (and in some types of beans – much more). Different types of beans, lentils and chickpeas from the company “Trapeza” will help you to balance your diet, and also to surprise your friends and relatives with unusual and delicious dishes!



A healthy lifestyle begins with proper nutrition. Even at the Rothschild`s family oatmeal always remained a favorite breakfast. The company “Trapeza” offers useful and nutritious flakes to everyone who follows their diet and wants to get a maximum of vitamins and minerals from food. Our oat`s and buckwheat flakes are cleaned and processed using the latest Swiss equipment, so they retain their full benefit even in conditions of rapid cooking. Let the products of the company “Trapeza” become your companion in the battle for health and longevity!


Series “Gurme”

Surprise your loved ones with exquisite dishes every day! Our ready mixes from various cereals and rice with vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spicy herbs are the best culinary traditions from different countries of the world. Appetizing dishes of the “Gurme” series from trademark “Trapeza” will fill the house with a fragrant aroma and will mentally transfer you to any point of the globe, wherever you wish! Where do you want to dine today?