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Diverse, tasty and useful!

The trading company «Krupyanoy Dvor» is the kind of cereals, rice and beans that are loved by Ukrainian families at loyal prices. Thanks to the introduction of the HACCP system (ISO 22000), the company strictly observes all sanitary standards and DSTU. We use the advanced Swiss equipment for high-quality cleaning and processing of raw materials. Respectful attitude to each partner and taking care of the health of the buyer are the basic principles of the TC «Krupyanoy Dvor», which allow us to remain the best in our business!

Cooperation with us let you always receive products at the agreed time and at an agreed cost, and you can also rely on a flexible system of calculation. Own logistics center and car park allow trademark «Krupyanoy Dvor» to organize convenient and prompt delivery of a cargo of any volumes to different regions of the country and abroad.

Our values

Responsibility to partners and buyers for the impeccable quality of goods and services

Honesty and transparency of partnerships built on trust and moral principles

Perfection and responsible approach to solving important problems

Exotic series

National dishes of different countries became available thanks to an exotic line of products from trademark «Krupyanaya Dvor». Bulgur is used as one of the main ingredients in Turkish, Lebanese and Italian cuisine. This groats is popular in the ration of the Ukrainian buyer: it becomes an alternative to rice and couscous as a side dish or the basis for soups.

Lentil is a useful and nutritious product that migrated from the countries of Southern Europe and Western Asia. This is one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians and the basis of the diet menu, as lentils are practically fat-free but rich in complex carbohydrates. Lentils are chosen by athletes and people who adhere to the diet of proper nutrition, so it is so popular among young people and people over 40 years.


Premium Series

In this series are included rice varieties, which can be called elite by right.

The delicate and subtle aroma of Basmati has long been the number one choice for many culinary specialists and gourmets for making a universal friable garnish. Such popularity of the given grade of rice is provided with taste qualities, simplicity and speed of preparation. Basmati is in demand both for a retail buyer and for a wholesale one — network of restaurants and cafes.

Cooks and housewives are well known about the Kamolino variety all over the world. It acquires a pearly color and does not stick at all after cooking as a result of preliminary treatment with vegetable oil. Thanks to its unique taste and aroma, this rice is perfect for dishes with meat, seafood and vegetables, which makes it versatile and popular.

We admire the unique taste and consistency of the traditional risotto thanks to Italian rice Arboriom, The grain significantly increases in volume, but does not stick together, forming a gentle creamy mass while cooking. The property of well absorbing the aroma and taste of the remaining ingredients of the dish is a feature of Arborio variety.

Osmancik premium rice entered into the premium series also. It is a kind of rice, which is used for cooking classic Turkish pilaf. Also, it is great for making sushi and roll due to its stickiness, which makes it popular in home cooking and in restaurants.


Packed Series

All the products you love from the company «Krupyanoy Dvor» are also available in a convenient package for 850g.