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This product line is created specifically for the restaurant business. You will be pleased with the optimal price-quality ratio, a variety of packaging formats and convenient delivery conditions, no matter you are restaurateur or wholesale buyer. The series consists of different types of rice for sushi: Yoshi, Sacramento, Japan. Also, “Dubaev product” offers rice Camolino, Basmati and Jasmine in convenient packages of 5 kg.



It is the basis of the main dishes of Japanese cuisine due to its unique light taste. It got its name in honor of Yoshi Hanoi, who was one of the first to introduce to the world a dish of raw fish and rice – sushi. Due to its stickiness and soft consistency, it is one of the most popular bases for rolls.

This rice is presented in packages of 500g and 1 kg for home use and also packaged in 5 kg and 25 kg for restaurants and wholesale buyers in the assortment of the company.


It is an excellent choice for Japanese restaurants. Rice of Calrose variety is grown in the Sacramento Valley, California. Its grains have several interesting properties: well glued, while remaining intact, and have a light aroma, which makes Sacramento an excellent option for sushi with original ingredients. The rice of Calrose variety is remarkably in shape, and this allows to preserve an appetizing and presentable appearance when served the dishes from it. In addition to these advantages, this rice also has a lot of useful vitamins and minerals.

Sacramento is also available in convenient packages of 500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg.


It is specially grown rice variety with a high content of starch. This product is also great for cooking all your favorite Japanese food. The rice gets a gentle and pleasant aroma and becomes soft and airy after cooking. The grains are perfectly adhering, without losing shape.

Convenient packaging of 5 kg

We have developed a new convenient packaging especially for restaurants and wholesale buyers. Your favorite rice from “Trapeza” company: Camolino, Jasmine and Basmati are now available in a comfortable solid 5-kg package.