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Always actual!

The trading company ”Attuale” is not just a food manufacturer, but the brand that has introduced advanced methods and technologies into the processing and packaging of raw materials. As a result, with choosing «Attuale» you get a quality, delicious and safe product that you want to buy again!

Stages of production


Selection of quality raw materials


Laboratory tests, sorting and cleaning


Packing in convenient and practical packaging

Convenience of packing

Forget about torn bags and rump on the floor of the entire kitchen! For your convenience, we have developed a special packaging that you don`t need to cut or tear to rinse out the contents. Pour the rump through a specially designed opening after unfastening the valve. The packaging could be closed with a sticker after use while maintaining its shape and moisture resistance.

Exotic series

The ease of Japanese food, the spicy of the Chinese menu or the saturation of Moroccan dishes — what would you prefer? If you want everything at once, experiment with tastes and flavors, then the exotic series from trademark «Attuale» is your choice! Couscous, lentils, chickpeas, bulgur, a variety of beans will make your lunches and dinners unforgettable!


Premium Series

This one includes types of rice, appreciated by gourmets around the world: fragrant Basmati, Camolino — popular in the eastern cuisine, Jasmine — perfectly white rice with a delicate aftertaste, unpolished long rice — known for its useful properties. Be sure that the premium series will satisfy even the most refined taste!


Traditional series

It is a collection of classic and favorite worldwide cereals species from «Attuale». We bring to your attention qualitatively processed common cereals — from pearl barley and chopped peas to various varieties of rice, popular in Ukraine. Traditional series is made with taste and benefit for you and your loved ones.